School life at YJLS

YJLS would like our students to learn not only Japanese language but also Japan’s custom, culture and daily lives, so we hold various events and activities in addition to Japanese classes.
Shown below is part of our activities.

Entrance Ceremony

日中友好協会主催 桜花見会

Class Scenes

Classes are provided in various forms, including lectures, workshops and writing practices. Classes are basically in “Direct teaching” style classes where teachers use only Japanese.

Yukata Experience

Yukata is a type of traditional summer clothing in Japan. We hold a Yukata event every year where students try on Yukata with a help of professional Yukata teachers. Students can deepen their cultural understanding through real experiences.

Bus trip

We hold a bus trip sponsored by the Japan-China Friendship Association. We visited Kyoto in 2013 and students enjoyed the exposure to the long-inherited Japanese tradition. In addition to view points, students will visit company factories during the trip to expand the knowledge about Japanese industries.

Tea Ceremony Experience

We held a tea ceremony event at the Shisui-an in Yokkaichi. A tea ceremony is a traditional custom established by SEN no Rikyu, a Japanese tea master, and is based on Japan’s spirit of hospitality. Students enjoyed Maccha, a bowl of green tea, and Japanese sweets served during the ceremony.

Suzuka International University speech contest

Athletic meeting

Class scenes

Graduation Ceremony

A number of students graduate from YJLS every year. Students take various courses after the graduation, but most of them proceed to higher education. We look forward to seeing them play an active role between Japan and their home countries.