Welcome to Yokkaichi Japanese Language School

Since the establishment in 1990, we have welcomed a great number of Japanese learners who wish to advance to universities in Japan, in particular. With the approval of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we are committed to providing high quality education and services for students seeking their goals.

Characteristics of YJLS

Proficiency-based classes and learning
Based on proficiency, classes consist of every level for students. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) The curriculum is aimed at improving the basic four skills (eading, listening, speaking and writing skills) altogether.
Direct teaching
All teachers at YJLS are professionals in teaching Japanese with abundant knowledge and appropriate expertise. They will conduct the classes in “Direct Teaching Method” which is “Teaching Japanese in Japanese”. With this style, students will learn to understand and think things in Japanese.
Teachers in charge and team teaching
Every class has a home teacher who is in charge of the class overall. The home teacher will grasp the Japanese proficiency of each student in the class and instruct him/her. A few teachers are in charge of a class
Counseling Services
YJLS teachers and staff will provide students counseling services to talk about their daily lives and future paths in Japan and ensure they can comfortably engage in their studies. YJLS requests its students to join the national health insurance. Also, YJLS offers its students annual medical checkup for free to maintain their sound physical and mental conditions.

YJLS Teachers

西牧 義江  Nishimaki Yoshie
西牧 義江  Nishimaki YoshiePrincipal
Acquiring the basic four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) is the most important in learning Japanese. At YJLS, I would like you to make many friends and talk to our teachers about anything without hesitation. I wish you get accustomed to the life in Japan as soon as possible and enjoy your stay in Japan.
永井 愛  Nagai Ai
永井 愛  Nagai AiTeacher
Japanese language is easier than you think! If you think “I am not good at Kanji…”or “Japanese honorifics expressions are too difficult…”, come and join us! There are 12 native Japanese teachers. We all try to make the class interesting and enjoyrable, so do not worry. We will teach not only Japanese grammars but also Japanese culture. Anyone who is interested in the study of Japanese, let’s have fun at YJLS.
垣内 桂子  Kakiuchi Keiko
垣内 桂子  Kakiuchi KeikoTeacher
Hello, I am Keiko kakiuchi. At YJLS, you will find great friends and reliable teachers to study together. We look forward to seeing you at YJLS!!
清水 崇史  Shimizu Takahito
清水 崇史  Shimizu TakahitoTeacher
I have taught Japanese at this school, Yokkaichi-nihongogakko, for about three years. Now I am a member of regular teachers. So I am very busy every day, but I am happy. When I had a class for the first time, I was confused and in trouble. Now I am getting along with my students in my own way. For these three years many students have come to this school, many students have finished this school. Now I want to walk with my students with fresh feeling every day.
中川 愛美  Nakagawa Manami
中川 愛美  Nakagawa ManamiTeacher
Hello! I’m Manami. Are you interested in Japan or Japanese? If so, you should come to our school ! There are many teachers with expert knowledge in the school. Also, you can meet good friends from other country. Let’s study together with us! I’m looking forward to meeting you !!